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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Final Fantasy XI: Treasures of Aht Urhgan!!

New Expansion is here! Get it now!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Proto Omega!

Compared to Ultima, this Omega is a easier battle. We are still thinking better ways to fight Ultima next time!

Besides the AOE, Omega has nothing big to fear of... though of course it chase after Peach's butt several times...not only Peach's butt, but most of the mages' butts..

Nice battle! :)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ouryu BC

Was invited by Mckun's linkshell to join them with the Ouryu BC fight. It was an eyeopener for Peach.

As usual with the COP Ouryu, it can fly and do those special attack. But what's different is the life bar of this Ouryu is many many times more than the COP Ouryu

There were elements and worms in the BC was for melees to get their TP..but it's a chore for mage to keep on sleeping it... :(

We didn't manage to win this BC. Well, maybe next time. But a very nice experience and eyeopener.

Okii desune!

Okii Okii! Very big monster!

Was going for limbus for quite some time now, there are alot of big monsters...

Just some random screenshots of the monsters in limbus...


Was fighting one of the God in Sea and had this chain because of the irritating sprawns

This Chain 8 was attained during a party with Peach's WHM. Great party and have like lots of xp for those sessions


Peach is not the fat one, k... found someone pui-er :D

And the adorable Fill-san.. always running around with his white underwear

What? Where? Where got monster to hit?

Peach is blinded.. no monster what...they are hitting the air.. :D

Peach got her Noble!

The other day, Peach was lucky enough to get very good drops from a KSNM.. and finally able to buy the Noble Tunic!


Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Lookback

Happened to look at some of the past posts and chance upon one interesting Post.

We have all came so far. Finished COP mission was never easy...but it's an accomplishment. Through those missions, friendships develop to a different note. Some bad, some good. But overall was a great time!

However, Peach still has no courage to organise anything. Well, guess most people in linkshell can see or feel now. Peach is the quiet and follower in the game right now. And Peach cannot give you an explanation for that, but it is all mentioned in that old post. Yadda yadda...Peach uses controller to hands are far away from keyboard...yadda yadda..

Wonder how will the new expansion missions work out to be?

But Peach is really encouraged that the determination to finish through the COP missions has not gone to waste, despite some setbacks. All Peach can say is, what comes around goes around. Those people who were not cooperative enough at Peach's time, will also face difficulties when organising their own missions and will feel the tiredness Peach had before.. so next time..think before making someone upset, ok? :D

On the good note, Dragonwiz is back! Oh my! Peach really miss him! Yippeee!!!

Haiz, and where is dear Zaan? miss him manz..but Peach knows that he is having his exams soon..take care and study hard okie!

Lare & Mata, if you are still reading this are you getting?

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Proto - Ultima

How great is it? Peach wonder. . . .

Heard it is tough, with lots of death and a battle against time .

Peach has the chance to witness what was told.. and experience the death & the battle.

When we enter the arena, there were alot of chests scattered around. Heard from the {mega boss} that these chests are we skipped all of them and ran to the Proto-Ultima.

Chests :

And there it was... Ultima

The battle was well in the beginning, with little deaths of the tank. It went bad when Ultima is having lesser and lesser HP. It has a special attack that count down..from 30 to 1. The person with hate will taste death immediately. Peach had it a few times, each time the attack was 2000+ dmg! Duh!

Besides the special attack, Ultima also have something like magic barrier or physical barrier.. a few of our magic were resisted as we timed it wrong (actually it is very hard to know when to time).

Besides that, one thing to note of that there must have enough healers. The mp usage for WHM is really taxing...

After much death, running around and away from the drawn in effect and special attack, we won the battle with just 2mins left. What a close one! It will be very very wasted if we hadn't won the battle.

And Peach has a new title :

And Ultima dropped the head item and Peach was fotunate to able to bid on it :

Peach went to Mhaura to look for the NPC to exchange a head armour

And Peach got her new head armour!

Meeting the Dynamis Lord

Once again, We are led to Dynamis-Xarcabard . This time round, we managed to meet with the Dynamis Lord. He is HUGH! Peach is like a tiny little taru beside him and his feet can flatten Peach anytime.

Passing through his guards :

His personal guards - Ying & Yang :

The Dynamis Lord himself :

One day...One day we will kill him!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy 2006!

Happy 2006! Another year in Vanadiel??!!??!! {Hmmmm}

Fenrir is running around in the different areas in vanadiel and 3 smn are chasing after it!

The Taru Summoners so cute hor! One of them has the same hair style like Peach leh!

Sufhi G1 & 2 Cleared!

Spent the past holidays to complete Sufhi's G1 & 2. Now she can level to 60!

Both the NMs are easy...for a level 75.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Diabolos Defeated!

With the lastest updates, there is a new avatar for Summoners! Diabolos!

This Sleeping taru is the one who asked Peach to fight Diabolos

Peach tried this BC 4x before we are able to get Diabolos. This battle happens in The Shrouded Maw.

1st try was nothing but a "dry" run. Didn't expect to much out of the BC. It was Darkday when we enter the battle field. This Diabolos spammed Nightmare & sleepga2 like nobody business. We only managed to bring Diabolos to about 50% health (before the tiles drop). Peach wasn't drawn-in and managed to MB from above platform.

2nd try was a more "serious" battle. We entered the battle in Firesday. This time, Peach was drawn-in the very 1st thing Vot was drawn in..Arghh... We managed the fight and left about 10%! How wasted!

3rd try happened in another day, with a different party member - BLM. Well, we will cope well even though we have no {Chainspell + Stun}. We will! The strategy was for Vot to disband and engage Diabolos so that the mages can stay at the platform without being drawn-in, at least for the first MB. We managed to have our MB and we were drawn in. And Diabolos slaughtered us one by one... When Peach was drawn in, the tiles had already dropped, nearly ran to the hole due to the camera angle when was drawn in. We left less than 5% of that Diabolos! Arghh!

4th try! And a very fortunate try. The 3 BLM & 1 RDM was not drawn in from the platform throughout the battle! We do not understand why...but we are very glad! The battle is so easy without being drawn in...haha!

Peach, like the others, forgot to take screenshot, as we were too busy & occupied in the battle. What a waste! T-T Just have a faint image before the winning cutscene fate away.

The winning team with very healthy HP & MP! :

Last but not least...Zaan the power taru :

Fun with leveling WHM

Had a great time leveling WHM with a JP party. They are fast with good play. Party for about 3 hrs and fetch more than 15k xp..woot!

Harvesting with NPC

Besides fighting monsters, Sufhi knows how to mine and harvest too!

Festival Celebration

Happy holidays to all! Enjoy your breaks and holidays!